Every day better and better games are coming out for PC, the Android gaming market is not far behind. With high definition games like Modern Combat: 5 Blackout and Anomaly 2, the Android phone is becoming a console itself, but with better games coming out, you also need a high-end phone to play them. If you do not have a high-end phone, the games will probably lag and crash. Now, you will obviously not buy a new phone just for better games. In this situation, Bluestacks App Player might be the solution for you.

Bluestacks App Player is an Android emulator. What it means is that it can simulate an Android phone on your PC or Mac. This means that you can play all these titles on a 16-inch screen with powerful hardware. Bluestacks claims to run 96% of the 1.4 million apps on the Google Play Store.

Bluestacks 3 is the latest emulator released by Bluestacks Inc. in the Bluestacks line of emulators. It has been marketed as a Gaming Platform as opposed to an App Player like the previous versions. It has been built keeping in mind the gaming aspect of the Android platform and has implemented multiple mechanics for users to play different kinds of games smoothly.

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BlueStacks Minimum System Requirements are:

1. 2GB RAM
2. 4GB HDD Space
3. Intel Core 2 Duo or higher
4. Direct X 9.0 or higher
5. NET framework 3.5 SP3 or greater (Download .NET Framework)

Download BlueStacks

(Latest Version Full Offline Installer Download Link)

Here are the highlights of BlueStack 3

  • Even if you have a very low spec PC, you can go to Bluestacks settings and lower frame rate and refresh rate to decrease any kind of frame rate drop or lag.
  • You can set up Bluestacks as a completely new device to run a second account of Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter or Instagram on your computer. This is incredibly useful when you have multiple social media accounts, or you work in the marketing department and have to manage the company’s social media accounts as well.
  • The user interface is a lot like a web browser. You can quickly switch between apps like you would switch between different tabs in a web browser. Even with multiple applications using the hardware, it runs every app smoothly depending on your computer hardware. The inbuilt app launcher is a little bland and not pleasing to look at. But, you can change the wallpaper and tweak some settings to make it look appealing.

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  • It also has a store of its own where you can see which apps have been optimised specifically for Bluestacks users. Vain Glory is an example of a ‘Hack-n-Slash’ game that has been optimised for the Bluestacks platform to perform much smoother.
  • It allows users to emulate touch on specific areas of the screen by pressing buttons on the keyboard. You can now play Android first person shooter games on your computer using your keyboard and mouse. This also gives you a competitive turn over other players.
  • Bluestacks lacks support for motion detection, which is not possible when you are playing games on a computer anyway, but this means that you will have to play games like Asphalt 8 using the keyboard. It has a ‘shake’ button to emulate shaking of the phone for games which need it.
  • Keeping gaming in mind, Bluestacks has inbuilt support for streaming games, so you do not need to install any external hardware or software to stream your gaming experience. Bluestacks has also introduced Bluestacks TV for streamers to increase their viewer base and allows streamers to communicate with their viewers.

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  • Another amazing feature that was added in Bluestacks 3 is the chat feature. If you and your friends use Bluestacks, you can chat with them by connecting your Steam or Google account using Bluestack’s chat feature. This is crucial in strategy games which needs you and your teammates to coordinate while playing and determine your strategy accordingly.
  • A quick toolbar is also introduced with the new Bluestacks version. It has quick buttons like copy-paste to transfer text between applications quickly since the default key combinations do not work in the emulator. It also has a screenshot shortcut which saves whatever is displayed on your screen directly to the computer as a picture.
  • If you are a gamer who streams games and would love to play games on a larger screen with powerful hardware, then Bluestacks is for you. It might also please casual gamers who play first person shooter games in their free time.
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